Registered Clinical Psychologist with Psychological Society of Ireland (Reg. Clin. Psychol. Ps.S.I.).

Full Member of Clinical Division of P.S.I.

Provide initial assessment of needs followed by efficient and effective evidence-based approaches  which are tailored to needs.

Highly experienced and successful in supporting people who are struggling with:

Problems Regulating their Emotions

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Depression, Anger, Obsessive-Compulsive

Difficult Life Experiences

Adjustment, Attachment, Bereavement/Loss, Relationships, Life Transitions (especially mid-life), Domestic Violence, Sexual Problems/Addiction, Stress, Everyday Coping

Inner Experiences

Low Self-Esteem/Confidence, Identity, Personality, Sexuality, Shame, Dissociation, Isolation/Withdrawal



Twenty-five years experience working with both perpetrators and victims of crime.  

Experienced in writing court reports and giving expert witness testimony in court.

Full Member of Forensic Division of P.S.I.

Member of the national multi agency working group on

“National Standards for the Assessment and Treatment of Adults where there are Reports of

Sexually Harmful Behaviour”


Provide comprehensive psychological assessments along with detailed reports for court.  The assessment is an opportunity to develop as full an understanding as possible of the psychological factors that contributed to offending behaviours or to the impact of the offence on the victim.

Assessment comprise of a series of interviews with the client (often 6 to 8) along with family members and other professionals, as relevant. A range of psychometric tests (as clinically indicated) is administered and  information on background, personality, emotional, interpersonal and sexual functioning is gathered and integrated to formulate an understanding of the offending.  Assessment of risk of recidivism using actuarial or structured clinical judgement tools  can be included as well as recommendations for treatment and/or management.  Assessments are conducted within a collaborative inter agency model.


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